Statistics for cancers in children, adolescents, and young adults

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NCCR*Explorer provides incidence and survival statistics for cancers in children and adolescent and young adults ages 0-39, using data from the National Childhood Cancer Registry (NCCR). It provides detailed statistics for a cancer site by sex, race/ethnicity, and age, and allows for comparison across cancer sites and subsites.

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What's Included in the Current Release?

NCCR*Explorer provides access to incidence and survival statistics based on International Classification of Childhood Cancer. It includes:

About the National Childhood Cancer Registry

The National Childhood Cancer Registry (NCCR) was developed under the NCI Childhood Cancer Data Initiative (CCDI) to leverage the nation’s existing, primarily adult, cancer registries to identify and follow childhood cancer cases in the United States. Read more about the NCCR and CCDI.

Citing NCCR*Explorer

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